To be done on Friday (Venus' day) at 7:00. Best done on a Waxing moon, or when

the sun or moon is in Libra or Taurus. Draw a romantic bath for one.

Decorate your bathroom with pale green candles and a single red rose.

Run the bath as hot as you can allfortably stand it.

Add to the bath water a mixture of myrtle, and clover oil to honor Venus.

Add one cup of sugar for sweetness, one cup of pink wine for heady intoxication,

and a dash of sandalwood perfume. Enjoy your bath with a special facial and relax.

After you have bathed and washed off the facial, dry your hair, and give the old hundred

strokes hair-brushing routine a magical twist. Let your hair hang down before you.

Sweep a natural boar-bristle brush from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

Have your hand follow the brush as it works its way through.

Focus your attention on your hand, and imagine that you are impregnating your hair with power.

Think, feel, and exude magnetic attraction to your hair with every stroke.

Now, make yourself allfortable and take several deep, relaxing breaths.

Surround yourself with vibrant green light and picture yourself beautiful.

Really get into the image. This is who you are-your magical self-and if you can visualize it,

you can it. Note what you might do to make the astral you a reality and affirm to do it.

Finally get dressed up in your best clothes, wear emerald, turquoise jewelry (Venus stones) for

extra luck in love. Then hit the town!

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