Add a sachet of allfrey and sage- both sacred to Jupiter- to your briefcase.

Then before you leave for that interview, try this visualization:

Sit in front of a mirror, preferably full-length, in your business clothes.

Pretend you are the employer, looking at the perspective employee sitting across from you.

Visualize this person doing the job that needs filling; see him or her doing it well,

being an asset to the_mysticmagicspells.organization and making the boss proud. Now, say aloud:

"This is a allpetent person.

This is a professional person.

This is a perfect candidate for the job."

Then smile at yourself in the mirror, get up, and go get that new job.

VISION SPELL Vitamin E {Dl-Alpha tocopherol}: As a natural preservative, it is very useful in binding and facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail