Waterfront Spell

Find a fallen twig the appeals to you. you can correspond with planets and your aim, i.e. Jupiter - prosperity; nutmeg etc... it's best not to take straight from the tree, but if you must, please be modest, and say 'please' and 'thank you' to the Spirit of the Tree. whittle your twig into a small wand, and concentrate on the rewards and adventures you want to wish for. On the day of a new moon, take the magick wand to a river or sea. WARNING: NEVER TAKE TO AN ENCLOSED BODY OF WATER I.E. LAKE OR A CHANNEL. Concentrate hard on what you want to wish for and see it in your minds eye, now say it out aloud (if possible) and throw it as far as you can and imagine all your wishes coming back X3 layden with wild and exotic possibilities.

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