Crystalline order is at the base of all life. A crystalline structure consists of units of energy that

align themselves harmoniously with other fellow sub atomic particles, sort themselves, form

repeating rows, layers and lattices according to the laws of nature. Therefore, crystal is a

general term for a substance with a systematic ordered structure in a definite symmetrical

pattern. They are incredibly_mysticmagicspells.organised with a highly_mysticmagicspells.organised latticework. Because of this

_mysticmagicspells.organisation, they have an effect on_mysticmagicspells.organising energy fields around them. Crystalline

structures are bones, muscles, water, salt, rock, wood, gemstones and quartz. From this

it can be seen, that a human being is a crystalline structure!

Modern physicists have affirmed that all physical form consists in essence, not of matter,

but energy. Therefore the nature of physical matter is dynamic, moving and dancing.

Therefore everything that exists is an external manifestation of an energy form, a vibration.

We can therefore say that all crystalline structures are highly_mysticmagicspells.organised patterns of energy,

yet each individual structure has its own vibration or frequency rate. Natural quartz crystals

have extremely high and exact rates of vibration that can be precisely manipulated to

augment, store, amplify, transfer, transform and focus other rates of vibration. Because of

these qualities quartz crystals can be used to modify thoughts, emotions, and bodies by first

effecting changes on the subtle non-physical planes (energy fields).

Quartz consists of four oxygen atoms plus one silicon atom to make one molecular unit.

Groups of these units link together to form spirals of molecular units that create a three

dimensional latticework of systematic uniformity. They are 6 sided with two sides parallel

to one another which reflects the hexagonal structure of pure quartz molecules (like a beehive!).

These six sides also correspond to the six major chakras in the trunk and head of the physical

body with the point corresponding to the seventh chakra.

This structure responds in a precise and predictable way to all energy - light, heat, sound,

thought waves, electricity - by the molecular units oscillating at high speeds back and forth

to unite and create specific vibrations that pulse through the crystal to the surrounding


The quartz crystal receives energy, processes it, then transmits the oscillations outward in

precise vibration patterns. Whatever is projected ins out in a focused and amplified way.

The quartz crystal does not distinguish from dark and therefore the key is the INTENT of the

person using the crystal.

Thus, our journey into crystalline energies is a journey into the self. The crystal is an energetic

mirror to allow us to look deeply and honestly at ourselves.

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