What is CILD (Chakra Induced Lucid Dream)?

This technique works by focusing on your Third Eye Chakra that is located slightly above and

between your eyebrows. Set your alarm clock so that you will wake up after 6 hours. Look up

and at the center of your Third Eye before closing your eyes. Keep your eyes in this position as

you close them. Give yourself appropriate affirmations until you fall asleep and visualize

yourself having a lucid dream or leaving your body. If you haven't fallen asleep within 3

minutes, move your eyes back to normal position and try to fall asleep. When the alarm clock

wake you up, go to the bathroom and fresh up. For the next hour read some material on Lucid

Dreaming or Out of Body Experiences. After reading for an hour go back to bed; roll your eyes

back to your Third Eye. State your intentions for 3 minutes or until you fall asleep. One of

three things will most likely happen. You will have a Lucid Dream, have a false awakening or

wake up paralyzed that you might use to leave your body. At the very least should you

experience vivid dreams.

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