What is LILD (Letter Induced Lucid Dream)?

This technique uses a letter or symbol to induce lucidity. Day-memories are often incorporated

into the dream, especially memory from the evening. So it is quite likely that some of what you

experience after waking up after 5-6 hours and stay up for about an hour is incorporated into

the dream. This is how this technique work. You concentrate on a letter, A for Awareness during

that hour. Visualize yourself many times seeing that A and suddenly remember to do a RT.

Think about this for about an hour and remember to do a Reality Test whenever you see an A.

This should also be done during the day, do a RT every time you notice an A.

Writing a word or a letter in your hand, and frequently check it might help.

Just hope that you will remember to do a RT if you see a big A in the middle of the road.

The symbol in this technique can easily be changed to your dog, a friend, a place or an activity.

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