What is OILD _mysticmagicspells.orgone Induced Lucid Dream)?

This technique uses_mysticmagicspells.orgone energy to induce lucidity. Crystals and magnets have been found

to send out_mysticmagicspells.orgone energy. But each type of crystal send out their own frequency, various_mysticmagicspells.orgone

energy types that do various things to our body and mind. A few crystals that might induce

Lucid Dreams, or increase dream recall, clarity and vividness: Herkimer Diamond, Apophyllite,

Kyanite and Amethyst. The crystals should be used in correlation with your chakras, preferably

your third eye (forehead). Magnets can work by other means than sending out_mysticmagicspells.orgone energy,

the pineal gland also responds to magnetism. A steady state magnetic north pole field will stimulate

the production of Melatonin as long as field strength in the vicinity of the pineal is in the

400 mgauss range. But more is not better. So be careful. Pulsating magnetic field will shut down

the production of Melatonin, just as light will. If you have trouble sleeping might it be wise to

check the magnetic field around your bed.

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