What is TILD (Thirst Induced Lucid Dream)?

This technique works by cutting out everything called drinking for so long that you can really

feel that you are thirsty. Go to bed as normal and sleep off that deep delta sleep, wake up

after 5-6 hours and go to the bathroom. Fill a glass with tempting, fresh cold water. Try to

think of water and doing a RT when you drink. To make the experiment more successful

you should fill your mouth with salt so that you really feel like you need to drink something.

Set the glass of water on your night table and while you fall asleep, think on drinking the water

and at the same time doing a Reality Test. You will not drink anything in the real world, so if you

find yourself drinking something, then it must be a dream. If you want to increase the feeling

of thirst even more, you should try eating some pepper or chili before going to sleep again.

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