What purposes can Lucid Dreaming serve?

Those are so many. First of all, it is lots of fun. You can do whatever you feel like, without

putting yourself in danger, or spending a lot of money on journeys or expensive equipment. It

is great for therapy if you have any psychological problems. If you have a fear of spiders,

that fear can be conquered through Lucid Dreaming. You know you are totally safe in a Lucid

Dream. So you carefully begin with tiny spiders far away, and as you get used to them, you

might let them go closer and make them bigger. If there is something you want to get better at,

like Tennis or Snowboarding, then Lucid Dreaming can improve your skill.

Lucid Dreaming can be extremely powerful for motor skill enhancement.

This is not only true because of the vividness of the imagery, but also because the

physiological nature of REM sleep is ideal for establishing neural pattern without actual movement.

Experiments also show that you can get physically stronger with mental training.

Lucid Dreaming can be used for healing if you have any illness.

If you wish to have your subconscious read at a rate of 1 million words per minute, you can

activate that in a Lucid Dream to gain conscious awareness over the knowledge.

You can meet the author of the book you just read in a Lucid Dream, and ask questions you are

seeking answers for in the book. Or you can sit down and watch the whole novel on a big screen

TV with cinema 3D sound. You can use Lucid Dreaming for solving a allplex and difficult problem,

like mathematical problems. You can share a dream with a friend. Or even a whole group of people.

So you can hang out with your friends when you are sleeping too, not only when you are awake.

It is also great being a group of people trying to Lucid Dream. If you find your friends in a dream,

you can tell them that they are dreaming. This way can you help your friends gaining Lucidity, and

they might cause you to gain Lucidity if they find you. If you have full conscious control over

a dream can you also use it to travel in time. You can explore the future.

Even shared precognitive dreaming is possible. With a little practice can you also

use Lucid Dreaming to leave your body and explore the world. By doing this you can also meet

other spirits and travel in time. More about this can be found in the Out of Body Experience FAQ.

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