White Lotus Enchantment: Used for Protection from Evil Spirits

Boil Fresh White Lotus Petals( White Rose Petals will suffice too)and a sprig of Rosemary in Spring Water, adding a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Boil for 8min. then strain the petals out and discard them. Transfer the water in a bowl,adding fresh Lotus/Rose petals after the water has cooled. As you place the petals on the water chant:

By Moonlight Gaurd
By Daylight Protect
Malevolent Spirits, I reject!

This should dissipate any negative energy and form a temporary barrier against harmful spirits.This barrier only lasts for four days, becoming weaker as the petals wilt and the water becomes cloudy. Keep its potency at its maximum potential by replacing nasty flowers daily. You may need to replace petals more often if your barrier is being attacked viciously. This whole process must be repeated every four days to keep the spell pure and working properly!

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