Calendula: Sprinkle dried bits of this flower under the bed. Known to make dreams come true and protect the sleeper from evil.

Dandelion: Sew tightly in a red flannel bag and wear around the neck to make wishes come true.

Huckleberry Leaves: Burn in the bedroom before going to sleep to make a special dream come true within seven days.

Job's Tears: As you count out seven seeds, concentrate on a wish you have in mind. Carry these seven seeds with you at all times for seven days and your wish should have come true before the week is gone (this one actually worked for me but it was a reasonable wish - I still haven't won the lottery!).

Lavender: Place some Lavender under your pillow just before retiring and think about your wish. If you dream about anything at all connected with the wish this means that it should come true.

Lotus Root: Mark one side of the root "yes" and the other side "no," and then make your wish as you toss the root into the air. You will then know if your wish was meant to be.

Spearmint: Write your wish on a piece of paper and wrap in a few Spearmint leaves. Place these in a red cloth and sew it up with red thread. Keep it in a safe and secret place. By the time the scent is gone your wish should have come true. If not, this means that it probably won't for a long time to come.

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