Worries and anxieties that are b alling too big and interfering with daily life benefit from this spell.

Take and cleanse a jam jar or box with a tight fitting lid.

Write the problem on a slip of paper Pass it through the 4 Elements, and pop it in the jar,

reciting the following spell. Leave the jar in the moonlight, but visible to yourself.

Each time the problem sneaks into your mind, think of the jar.

You are only permitted to worry if you go and remove the lid and the slip of paper.

You'll find that soon, you can't be bothered to even give it thought.

When the problem is resolved, remove the slip and bury or burn it, giving thanks to the Lady.

Into this vessel secured up tight

I place my anxieties that they might

Find their right level within my life

Be only acknowledged when I say it's right.

I swear that I will not give thought to my woe

Until such time to this vessel I go

And take off the lid and grieve, for I know

That unless the lid's missing, trapped is my foe.

It may not escape into my daily way

And trouble my thinking during the day.

Some time in the future when I feel I may

Dispose of this vessel with no debt to pay.

WORDS OF POWER FOR MONEY OR MATERIAL ABUNDANCE Yarrow - also known as Bloodwort - noted for its wound healing powers facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail